Gas Feed Systems

All-vacuum operated gas feed equipment & solutions for simple & reliable disinfection dosing, control & safety management

Chlorine gas has been the predominant chemical for the disinfection of water since our founders Charles F. Wallace and Martin F. Tiernan installed the first chlorinator in New York over 100 years ago. Using a remote vacuum-operated gas feeder, a chlorine solution is prepared on-site by dosing the chlorine gas into the process water. Benefits of the system include: the most economic disinfectant available supplied as gaseous or liquid chlorine supplied in cylinders or ton containers, safe all-vacuum dosing operation using accurate and reliable V-Notch™ flow control technology, manual and automatic dosing control options, automatic detection and shut-down in the event of accidental gas release, and complete design and system supply of all gas feed and handling equipment and safety management accessories.

Gas Feed Systems FAQs
Most Economic Disinfectant

Supplied as gaseous or liquid chlorine supplied in cylinders or ton containers

V-Notch™ flow Control Technology

Safe, accurate & reliable all-vacuum dosing


Automatic detection & shut-down in the event of accidental gas release

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Chlorine Capacity, Maximum: kg/hr
Carbon Dioxide Capacity, Maximum: kg/hr
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Gas Feed V10K™ Vacuum System

Efficient, low-capacity differentially regulated gas feeder with a standardized, flexible design for dosing up to 15 kg/hr

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Gas Feed V-2000™ Chlorinator

Remote vacuum solution covering medium to high capacity applications with differentially regulated gas feeder and floor or wall mounted options for versatility

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Gas Feed S10K™ Chlorinator System

All vacuum operated, sonically regulated gas feeder unit for low capacity dosing applications

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Gas Pressure Reducing Valve Series 50-165

The Gas Pressure Reducing Valve is an independent, heavy-duty, spring loaded diaphragm valve, providing an automatically regulated output and a positive manual shut off.

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Gas Pressure Reducing Valve Series 50-185

The Series 50-185 Gas Pressure Reducing Valve (GPRV) is a spring-loaded, diaphragm operated valve used in gas-handling systems which reduces varying gas pressure to a desired regulated pressure and maintains within close limits.

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Pressure Type Changeover Modules with CCU

Evoqua offers various automatic changeover modules to ensure an uninterrupted and unattended changeover to a fresh gas supply when the on-line supply is exhausted.

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Series 50-200 Evaporator

The Wallace and Tiernan® Evaporator Series 50-200 is an electrically heated, immersed tank-type heat exchanger. It is necessary wherever the required rate of gas withdrawal cannot be satisfied by direct connection to multiple containers

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Vacuum Type Remote Switchover

Remote vacuum switchover unit which ensures uninterrupted chlorine dosing by delivering a continuous supply

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