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Webinar: Pharmaceutical Water System Design

Understanding user requirements is a critical component of pharmaceutical water system design. Feedwater characteristics, manufacturing requirements and regulations all help to define best way to achieve production objectives and meet critical quality attributes.

As part of the Life Sciences User Group, Evoqua’s Pharmaceutical Market Director, Rich Jarrett, presented an Introduction to Pharmaceutical Water Systems, covering quality requirements, water treatment technologies and overall system design.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Areas of water use and types of water needed
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Technologies used to meet quality requirements
  • Standard system designs

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Rich Jarrett
Director of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Evoqua Water Technologies

Rich Jarrett is Evoqua’s pharmaceutical marketing director, leading efforts around water treatment solutions and product requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. He has more than 14 years of experience working with the pharmaceutical industry in developing products and services for improved quality, reduced cycle time, enhanced manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

Jarrett is a member of ISPE and the Critical Utilities Community of Practice.