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Transforming Water to Meet Strict & Consistent Microbial Control While Reducing OPEX

With defined criteria for conductivity, total organic carbon, and bacteria, purified water is a critical ingredient and processing aid for many pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic manufacturers, makers of medical devices, and personal care products. Learn how your facility can achieve consistent high purity quality water while reducing total maintenance and operating costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the common challenges and opportunities with high purity and water for injection applications
  • Learn about Electrodeionization technology and how it compares to traditional solutions
  • Understand Electrodeionization technology and its ability to attain tight and consistent microbial control
  • Review considerations when making the switch to Electrodeionization, the ROI and potential savings in maintenance and operating costs
  • Hear case studies of how facilities are improving microbial control while reducing OPEX

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