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Upgrade Sand Filters with Forty-X® Disc Filters

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Increase filtration capacity and performance in existing footprints


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Discontinued product

Increase filtration capacity and performance in existing footprints


Discontinued product
Upgrade Sand Filters with Forty-X® Disc Filters


The Forty-X™‚Äč Disc Filter is a high-rate tertiary filter that requires a fraction of the footprint required by traditional sand filters. Designed with a unique woven stainless steel filter panel, the Forty-X Disc Filter uses an inside-out flow pattern that reduces backwash cycles and energy demand leading to lower lifecycle costs.

For applications requiring a higher solids loading capacity and greater hydraulic throughput, the Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor series is recommended combining outside-in and inside-out filtration technology within one filtration unit. Influent water flows through an integrated pre-screen (outside-in) to woven stainless steel disc filter panels (inside-out), providing an effective and robust solution for challenging water and wastewater filtration applications.

The modular design of both the Forty-X Disc Filter and Forty-X Disc Filter Armor series provides a flexible and dependable filtration solution for tertiary filtration, municipal and industrial reuse/recovery, product recovery, process water filtration, and conventional filter retrofit applications.


Forty-X® Disc Filter Advantages

  • 40% more filtration capacity when compared to flat panel designs
  • Drop-in simplicity with little or no structural modifications
  • Can accommodate existing hydraulic profile
  • Increases capacity of an existing sand filter up to three times
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Suitable for water reuse
  • Title 22 approved

Applications & Installation Options

  • Expand filtration capacity
  • Meet stricter effluent limits
  • Retrofit traveling bridge filters
  • Retrofit deep bed sand filters
  • Retrofit into chlorination basins
  • Retrofit into rectangular clarifiers