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Evesham, NJ Municipal Utilities Authority

Evoqua's Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor Series increased filtration capacity and performance in a small footprint


Located in Evesham, New Jersey the Elmwood Wastewater Treatment Plant was prompted to upgrade its filtration process to address three aging traveling bridge sand filters that had reached the end of their useful life.


The municipality contracted with the engineering firm Alaimo Engineers to evaluate tertiary filtration options. It was determined that the replacement of three existing traveling bridge filters that had reached the end of their useful life with two disc filtration units would be a cost-effective solution for addressing future tertiary filtration requirements.

The Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor series is a high-rate filtration device that utilizes an integrated pre-screen and stainless steel panel that are designed to accommodate high solids loading capacities and greater hydraulic throughput. The woven stainless steel panels improve solids rejection and provides higher throughput versus other woven media flat panel designs. The panel’s frame configuration is stronger than comparable designs and includes a robust, pressure assisted seal that allows the panels to sustain and operate at a higher headloss of any other flat panel disc filter.

Evoqua’s Forty-X Disc Filter Armor series combines the technology of outside-in and inside-out filtration into a single PLC controlled unit. Influent water flows through the pre-screen (outside-in) into the disc filter panels (inside-out). This innovative combination of two filtration technologies into one unit provides an effective and robust option for those challenging filtration applications.


The two Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor series units at the Elmwood Wastewater Treatment Plant were started up in October 2021 and have a peak flow of 3 MGD while maintaining a consistent effluent quality less than 5 mg/L TSS.