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Evoqua Ensures Water Quality at an Environmental Testing Laboratory

Water One Services combine remote monitoring and responsive service to meet water quality and provide required data management

A leading environmental testing laboratory in Southeastern Massachusetts provides analytical services for air, petroleum, sediment & tissue, water, soil and emerging contaminants in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the United States. This state-of-the-art laboratory needed to meet strict water requirements for reagent creation and testing, with monthly tracking and reporting of water quality to the state. It was also highly critical for the lab to have clean, high purity water for accurate test results.


A point-of-use deionized (DI) water filtration system was used for high purity water in the laboratory. However, the system was outdated, and the customer had difficulty receiving timely and effective service from their current provider. In addition, lab employees had to check the system frequently to ensure water quality. If there was a problem with water quality, leaks or the tank needed to be exchanged, testing would get delayed. This downtime led to missed customer deadlines and in some cases the need to acquire new test samples at the laboratory’s expense. The environmental testing laboratory contacted Evoqua Water Technologies to determine a solution for reliable high purity water.


Evoqua analyzed the water filtration issues at the laboratory and recommended Water One® services. Water One services provides revolutionary digital water management with remote monitoring and fast, local service to ensure water quality always meets customer specifications. Evoqua monitors the system 24/7/365 and highly trained service experts rapidly respond to troubleshoot alerts and schedule tank exchanges.

With this service, the laboratory employees no longer need to monitor their DI water system, which allows them to focus on their core business activities. In addition, the rapid, automated service response minimizes downtime and assures that customer deadlines are met. Evoqua installed new DI water tanks and a communications panel for remote monitoring at the laboratory.



Water One services generates high quality water quickly and effectively, allowing the environmental testing laboratory to provide quick turnaround times and meet tight schedules. The automated process has increased productivity, saving time and money. It has also improved morale as lab employees no longer have to worry about water quality, giving them more time to focus on their work.

Another feature of the service that has simplified water management for the laboratory is the flat-rate monthly billing. The billing is based strictly on water usage with no additional service fees.

Evoqua also provides access to data on water use, system status, maintenance and water quality records. The environmental testing laboratory can track how much water they are using and get a quick overview of water quality. With Water One services, the laboratory now has the reliable high purity water they need to meet customer demand.

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