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Good Curling Starts with Good Ice Quality

North Carolina Curling Club eliminates “green ice” and slick spots with Water One® Services

How is Curling Ice Prepared?

Curling is played on a rectangular sheet of ice that is approximately 150 feet long by 15 feet wide. The ice is carefully prepared to ensure a level and consistent playing area. The ice is first scraped flat and then sprayed with water droplets, which freeze to form “pebbles.” The feet of curl on the stones as they move down the ice is directly impacted by the wear on these pebbles over time.

Eliminating "Green Ice" and Slick Spots

A curling club in North Carolina was getting a green slime layer when they scraped the ice due to the impurities in their local tap water. This resulted in a longer process to prepare the ice for curling matches. In addition, the pebbles were wearing down during the 2-hour curling match, causing slick spots that impacted the speed and trajectory of the curling rocks. With a growing base of curling teams and events, the club needed a cost-effective solution – and fast.   

A volunteer at the club reached out to Evoqua Water Technologies for a solution based on past experience with the company.


A Comprehensive Solution: Water One® Services

Evoqua performed an on-site inspection, taking into account the current water source (tap water), water quality needs, utilities and space requirements. Water One® services was recommended to meet the needs of the curling club.

Water One services is a digital water management program that includes water treatment equipment, installation, service and maintenance for a small monthly fee. The deionized water tanks are remotely monitored 24/7 to ensure consistent water quality. When one resin tank is exhausted, a second tank is used for treatment until it can be replaced by the local service team. This reduces the need for a storage tank onsite and eliminates downtime.

The curling club also considered an offer from a competitive water treatment provider. However, they chose Evoqua due to the comprehensive solution, local presence and cost-effective approach. Evoqua was also able to meet their special installation needs within a tight space and provided a manual turn-off valve to connect to the hose that goes out to the ice.   

Better Curling on Better Ice

Once the new water treatment system was installed, the green film disappeared, and the ice quality and clarity significantly improved. The pebbles didn’t wear down and the rocks stayed true throughout the full course of the game.

" When I have spoken with curlers from other clubs, one of the first things they mention is the high quality of ice that we have here. The game benefits, the teams appreciate it, and everyone has more fun. "

Facility Manager

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