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Crescent Duck Farms Switches to a Biogas Collection Cover

Newly installed collection cover provides biogas recovery and rainwater drainage

Crescent Duck Farm, located in Aquebogue, Long Island, NY, USA, produces only premium fresh and frozen ducks and duck products. Family-owned since 1908, Crescent Duck’s breeding and processing efforts have ensured that its products meet the standards of even the most discerning white tablecloth restaurants and Asian food trades. They also raise, slaughter, package, and ship customer-owned ducks.


Crescent Duck’s 80 ft (24 m) diameter insulated, concrete anaerobic digester treats barn manure from its facility. Due to the cool New York climate, the digester and cover need insulation to maintain the proper temperature range for anaerobic digestion year round.

The original digester cover at Crescent Duck constantly needed repairs. After only ten years of operation and the cover damaged beyond repair, Crescent Duck had little choice but to replace the cover. With additional plans to clean out the digester and reinstall mixing equipment, it presented the perfect opportunity for Crescent Duck to replace the damaged cover with a more reliable one.


Crescent Duck, in coordination with its engineering consultants at Applied Technologies, Inc., contacted Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies for advice on replacing the damaged cover. As part of its research efforts, Crescent Duck visited another plant that had installed Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies™ brand insulated biogas collecti​on cover​ and saw the quality and durability of the product first-hand. This site visit, combined with price and the trusting relationship, led Crescent Duck to choose Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies™ brand for its own replacement cover.

The new cover design consists of Seaman Corporation’s 8148 cream-colored XR-5® for biogas collection. The cover is insulated with 2 in (5 cm) of flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam thermally bonded to 40 mil HDPE for reinforcement. The entire replacement took only one week to complete.


Crescent Duck’s new Evoqua Geomembrane Technologies™ brand cover system is more durable than its original one and will last for many years to come. The new cover provides Crescent Duck with continuous, efficient biogas recovery and rainwater drainage, thus lowering long-term operation and maintenance costs.

​*XR-5 is a trademark of Seaman Corporation. All other trademarks are those of their respective owners.

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