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Laticínios Bela Vista Partners with Evoqua for Sustainable Energy Development

ADI-BVF® reactor helps Brazilian dairy producer increase capacity and reduce their environmental footprint

Laticínios Bela Vista Ltda. is the fifth largest dairy producer in Brazil. Established in 1955, the company currently has three production plants located in Bela Vista de Goiás (GO), Maravilha (SC), and Governador Valadares (MG). Combined, the plants process over three million liters (800,000 gallons) of milk per day, generating over 100 different products for their brands: Piracanjuba, Pirakids, Leitbom, and others.


Laticínios Bela Vista's plant in Bela Vista de Goiás was undergoing an expansion, which led to more flow and organic load to its existing aerobic wastewater treatment system. The expansion required them to re-evaluate treatment options for its wastewater.

Given the company’s commitment to sustainable growth and the environment, they were looking for a wastewater treatment solution that would not only treat the higher flows and loads, but that would also provide greater overall environmental benefits compared to typical technologies, along with sustainable bioenergy generation.


Laticínios Bela Vista chose ADI Systems to upgrade its existing aerobic system, and design/build a large ADI-BVF® reactor and bio-filter system at the Bela Vista de Goiás plant. The system is designed to treat 68,800 kg/d (151,400 lb/d) of chemical oxygen demand (COD).

Effluent from the production plant, which includes the hard-to-treat whey stream, goes to the equalization tanks where it is then pumped to the BVF® reactor. Off-gas from the equalization tanks is sent to the bio-filters for odor control. The treated anaerobic effluent then flows to the upgraded aerobic system for further treatment in order to meet all discharge limits.

The system is designed to generate 1,440 m3/h (850 ft3/min) of biogas from the anaerobic digester. This biogas will be sent to the production plant to be used in boilers, reducing the plant’s environmental footprint. Further demonstrating Laticínios Bela Vista's commitment to environmental protection and sustainable operations, the biogas will replace the use of wood from its sustainable forestry operation, producing a near zero carbon footprint.


The new wastewater treatment system at Laticínios Bela Vista is the first BVF reactor in Brazil. It will provide many benefits for the dairy producer, including:

  • Higher quality final effluent: Anaerobic pre-treatment provides much more robust treatment.
  • Decreased sludge generation: The BVF reactor can digest waste sludge from the aerobic system.
  • Lower fuel costs: Collected biogas will help offset biomass and boiler fuel costs.

The company’s investment in reliable, on-site wastewater treatment and renewable energy is proof of its environmental focus. ADI Systems is proud to partner with environmentally-responsible companies such as Laticínios Bela Vista.

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