Water and Air Quality Solutions for Commercial Aquatic Facilities

Improve Swimmer Experience and Safety While Lowering Operational Costs

Aquatic facilities today are faced with many challenges including balancing tight operational budgets, managing water usage/resources, and maintaining treatment equipment.  All while providing a clean and safe environment for swimmers and guests.

Neptune Benson’s filtration and disinfection solutions:

  • lower operational costs

  • conserve resources

  • reduce maintenance

  • deliver the best water and air quality

Complimentary Cost Savings Analysis

To highlight potential savings at your current facility (or upcoming project), our team of experts can determine how a Neptune Benson Defender® Regenerative Media Filter will save water, energy, chemicals and space compared to a conventional sand filter.

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Did You Know?
A Neptune Benson regenerative media filter removes 99% of Cryptosporidium compared to 28% with a typical sand filter. *Courtesy of UNC Charlotte.

" Scott Hyland and the Neptune Benson team have gone above and beyond our expectations. Their Defender water filtration system has improved our water quality while significantly reducing operating costs. For all of our water filtration needs we make one call, Neptune Benson. "


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