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PFAS Resource Guide

Solutions for PFAS and Other Contaminant Treatment

PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals that have been in use since the 1940’s. Found in everyday products to prevent corrosion, reduce friction, make products waterproof and stain-resistant, they take decades to breakdown and have found their way into our soil and water sources.

Evoqua has been treating PFAS and other emerging contaminants for over two decades. From testing through systems integration, follow-up services and monitoring, we have the proven solutions to take your water to non-detect levels and meet your treatment goals.

Request our PFAS Resource Guide to learn more and see our solutions in action.

Detailed Resource Guide Includes:

General Information: What is PFAS and where is it found?

Webinars: Several in-depth webinars including pilot and benchmark capabilities, illustrated through case studies and nuanced graphs

Case Studies: Our proven solutions in use across the country, often with customer testimonials

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