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Our Footprint

Pursuing sustainability throughout our internal operations

" As we continue our sustainability journey, we are looking inward and taking action to further protect our communities and planet by reducing our environmental footprint. "

Ron C. Keating, Chief Executive Officer

Our Internal Environmental Footprint

Reducing waste generation, water usage, and CO2 emissions.

We strategically track, manage, and continuously work to improve our environmental footprint. At Evoqua, we reuse over 50% of the water withdrawn at our facilities.

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Social Impact

Holistically supporting our people.

Inclusion at Evoqua enables diversity to thrive in productive and safe environments. We are sharpening our focus on inclusion and diversity and building it into our recruiting, data transparency, and culture.‚Äč

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Leadership and Governance 

We are continually improving governance in sustainable operations.

We strive to increase transparency and maintain strong corporate citizenship in all aspects of our operations and beyond our four walls. Our Board of Directors has oversight of Evoqua’s sustainability priorities and the overall execution of our sustainability program.

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