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Inclusion and Diversity

Cultivating an Inclusive Environment

Our Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) strategy focuses on creating a sense of belonging to promote inclusion and spark opportunities. We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment that fosters diversity of thought, perspective, and demographic differences to flourish and grow as an organization. We continue to diversify our workforce and ensure our employees are safe, valued, and supported inside and outside the workplace. We embrace inclusion and demand equal and fair treatment for all employees regardless of status. We have zero-tolerance for any type of discrimination or harassment across our global organization.

" At Evoqua, we believe inclusion enables diversity to thrive. "


Our People

We are proud that despite the challenges of the pandemic and the disproportionate impact it has had on women and U.S. minorities, we have been able to maintain our representation in these groups. As of September 2021, women represented 20% of our organization's population and make up 25% of our senior leadership team. U.S. minorities make up 24% of our workforce. Employees identifying as military veterans increased slightly due to our self-identification initiative.

Evoqua Inclusion Network (EIN)

To accelerate our inclusion initiatives, we established a core team of cross-functional and diverse employees who serve as change leaders to ensure the establishment of embedded, specific, and transformative inclusion efforts. This group comprises employees at varying levels of the organization selected because of their passion for inclusion and diversity topics.

The Evoqua Inclusion Network is responsible for:

  • Setting the foundation for inclusion efforts to improve the effectiveness of I&D.
  • Supporting learning opportunities that maximize action and produce systemic change.
  • Minimizing unconscious bias within key business decisions via system and process improvements.
  • Engaging a broader Evoqua network in supporting I&D initiatives.

We are Evoqua

We encourage our employees to bring their full, authentic, and unique selves to work each day. We asked our employees to share photos of themselves that promoted the diversity within Evoqua’s global organization that make us Better Together.

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Equity Sequence™ Program

To systemically build an inclusive culture, we train leaders at Evoqua to consider equity in their decision-making. We use a set of questions called the Equity Sequence™ that can be applied to any business initiative to reduce bias and increase inclusion. These questions are embedded into our current organizational processes, making them part of our daily work. The Evoqua Inclusion Network (EIN) will act as role models for the deployment of this practice and ambassadors of our enterprise I&D initiatives.

* Equity Sequence is a trademark of Tidal Equality, Inc.