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Meet Abigail Pinto

Leadership Development Program Participant

Abigail Pinto, LDP, Operations, joined Evoqua in January 2021 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, PA, where she received a degree in Industrial Engineering.
Her first LDP rotation took her to Tewksbury, MA, where she helped to consolidate and implement a product line. Her second rotation led her to Holland, MI, where she worked in supply chain management. She is now in her final assignment in Günzburg, Germany, implementing automation onto the shop floor and working on various production improvement projects.

" The Leadership Development Program (LDP) was enticing to me since it offered a broad range of experience and the opportunity to travel. I would encourage anyone starting out in their career to push themselves out of their comfort zone and take chances because those are the experiences that will lead to the most growth. "

Abigail Pinto | LDP, Operations
As an LDP, Abigail has learned that every rotation comes with a new set of obstacles with a different solution set to be discovered. “Being an LDP has helped me gain confidence in my abilities and challenged me to develop new skills. I have become more well-rounded and gained the confidence to know that I am capable of solving any problem I am faced with.”
When asked what this program has provided her, she said, “Without this opportunity, I would not have had the chance to work with so many great teams and build valuable relationships with talented managers. Working with multiple prominent mentors so early in my career is a great foundation for my future in leadership."

As part of the LDP Operations track, Abigail is developing her leadership skills while diving into our business of Transforming Water, Enriching Life.

Abigail is very excited to have started her final rotation at the Günzburg facility. She said, “The Günzburg plant has some cutting-edge projects approaching that I am thrilled to be a part of. Gaining insight into the European operations is incredibly valuable, and it is a great platform to share best practices.”
Abigail will conclude her time as an LDP later this year. Then, she will be placed in a full-time opportunity based on business needs and her career aspirations.

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