Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) Systems

An efficient fixed-film wastewater technology well suited for secondary and/or advanced biological treatment

The RBC attached growth process consists of a large disc with radial and concentric passages rotating in a concrete or steel tank. 40% of the media surface area provided for biological growth is submerged in the wastewater. The 12 foot diameter unit rotates every 40 seconds. The frequent rotation into the wastewater and subsequent exposure to atmospheric oxygen delivers the food, oxygen and mixing needed for attached growth organisms to multiply and thrive. This large, active population causes the biological degradation of organic pollutants. Excess biomass shears off at a steady rate and is carried through the system for removal in a clarifier.

Low Energy Consumption

3kW per 3,000 people

Consistent Process Results

Many operating 20 to 40+ years

Minimal Operator Attention

Requires simple maintenance - yearly drive & quarterly bearing attention

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