Floating Mechanical Aerators & Mixing Systems

Evoqua’s mechanical aerators and mixers are low maintenance and low cost alternatives for aeration

The powerful pumping action of the surface aerator transfers oxygen by breaking up the wastewater into a spray of particles, creating more surface area for atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into the wastewater. At the same time, the oxygen-enriched water is dispersed and mixed, resulting in highly effective aeration for wastewater treatment. An optional accessory is the mist eliminator spray containment dome providing mist and spray control for cold temperatures.

Highly effective aeration

Surface aeration efficiency doesn't degrade with time

Durable with low maintenance

Resistant to corrosion and abrasion with low operating costs

Cost-effective aeration solution

Ideally suited for aerated lagoons, SBR's, activated sludge treatment & aerobic digestion