Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Protection against electrolysis & galvanic corrosion for metal surfaces including fixed & mobile structures

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The story of Magneto Special Anodes begins in 1957, when Dr. Henri Beer applied for the patent of the titanium anode. Since then, the company has been through tremendous development.

Evoqua Magneto has locations based across the globe to support our customers:

Schiedam, Netherlands
Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China

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Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) is an electrical process for protection against galvanic corrosion. IICCP systems can offer permanent and automatic protection for off-setting galvanic effects that can cause corrosion and attack of the wetted surfaces of mobile or fixed offshore structures and sea-going vessels.

To realize a continuous current electrical conductivity for ICCP to be effective, titanium anodes are applied with a thin layer of platinum or KERAMOX® mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating. These coatings serve a wide range of output current densities, while coated niobium anodes are well applicable at high voltages. Our KERAMOX coated MMO anodes for ICCP applications, were certified by DNV-GL in accordance with NACE TM0108-2012 standards.

Our reliable custom anodes have been proven in a number of ICCP applications globally whether they are in the form of wires, tubes or rods, the anodes have a long life span with easy maintenance.


We provide a variety of anodes suitable for oil rigs, offshore platforms, jetties, and FPSO’s. With our extensive experience understanding client challenges we supply customized anodes to your specific application conditions and lifetime requirement.


Offshore and onshore wind farms are increasingly common. In collaboration with our partners we supply anodes for rust formation protection.


ICCP is a popular solution for the protection of marine vessel hulls from rust formation. In comparison to sacrificial systems, ICCP offers a longer lifetime and lower operating costs. Evoqua’s MAGNETO can provide any type of titanium anode for this application.

Steel in Concrete

Steel-reinforced concrete is used in a variety of infrastructure and buildings all over the world. MAGNETO anodes successfully support this technology.


Pipelines that are used for transportation of valuable resources are always important. MAGNETO Anodes have been a trusted resource for many organizations all over the world to ensure a long lifetime of this infrastructure.

Tank Farms

The integrity of tank bottoms is of utmost importance in industrial liquid storage farms. Our coated titanium anodes, in the form of wires, tubes or rods are used over and over again on ICCP applications in this form.

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