Steel in Concrete

Magneto anodes provide critical corrosion protection for steel-reinforced concrete

Steel-reinforced concrete is used in a variety of infrastructure all over the world but deterioration from corrosion is a significant threat to the integrity of structures – even after short periods. Globally, this corrosion is costing billions of dollars to economies. The costs of repairing or replacing deteriorated structures is therefore a huge liability for owners and operators, so cathodic protection is vital to preserving these buildings.

Magneto anodes have been successfully supporting cathodic protection technology for new and existing structures for six decades, offering up to a century of protection for assets such as bridges, roadways and buildings using steel-reinforced concrete.

While it is more sustainable to protect a building from corrosion from its inception, than manage ongoing repairs which use up valuable resources, older buildings benefit from corrosion protection and Magneto’s customised solutions.

Magneto offers precise solutions for this application and works closely with cathodic protection engineers to deliver the anode type right for their project, to get the optimum corrosion protection efficiency. Cathodic protection using our anodes is delivering cost, operational and sustainability benefits for building owners and operators worldwide.

Today, Magneto is the answer to preserve and protect the life of new or existing concrete structures.

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