Electrowinning & Recovery

Effective and sustainable winning and recovery of metals using our industry-leading titanium anodes

Magneto is an industry-leading provider of next generation titanium anodes for electrowinning and recovery applications. With our deep knowledge of the sector, we work in close partnership with customers to understand their individual business requirements, so they get the solution that meets their exact needs.

Metal Winning

Metal winning is based on the electrochemical deposition of metals such as nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt and manganese on cathodes in highly concentrated metal salt electrolytes. The latest generation of Magneto anodes are manufactured out of titanium and coated with a mix of precious metal and nonprecious metal oxides. This stops the high overpotential requirement and degradable nature of earlier anodes that were made of graphite and lead alloys. Magneto’s anodes are an effective alternative to sacrificial anodes, providing significant energy saving benefits as well.

Depending on your business needs, Magneto will customise (customize?) anode coatings for the individual metal winning process. This results in market-leading performance, including higher purity of the deposited metal, lower oxygen overpotential, increased process efficiency, higher durability and stability due to better corrosion resistance.

Metal Recovery

With sustainability and the preservation of the globe’s natural resources high on the agenda, metal recovery is vital from electronic and industrial process and wastewater streams. This applies to base metals such as copper, tin, nickel, zinc, lead and precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Metal recovery can be achieved via electrochemical processes which require stable, low overpotential and non-contaminating anodes.

Electro recovery using Magneto’s titanium anodes is the perfect answer and offers a number of advantages over other commonly used metal recovery methods:

  • Complete recovery of base and value metals with high purity
  • No usage or only limited usage of chemicals
  • Minimum waste generated at the end of the metal recovery process
  • For these electrochemical processes the anode forms a key component, Magneto can develop a customized coating to assure optimized process performance and product quality

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