Water Treatment & Electrolysis

Magneto anodes are suitable for a variety of water treatment applications

Globally, Magneto is a leading supplier of anodes for a wide range of industry-critical water treatment applications. From the treatment of potable water, process water,  and wastewater, through to marine water fouling prevention and swimming pool disinfection, we have the solution.

Magneto anodes are also used for electrodialysis, (reverse) electro deionization, softening of water, de-scaling and direct or indirect oxidation. As well as the break-down of organic contamination or cyanide, removal of small solid particles by electroflotation and membrane processes.

Our in-depth knowledge of water treatment applications makes us the perfect partner to support your business. Our proven anodes, coupled with our decades of experience, means we have the answer and can deliver the right solution when you need it.

Magneto anodes are suitable for a range of treatment applications, including:

  • Disinfection
  • Hypochlorite generation
  • Electrochlorination
  • Hydroxyl treatment
  • Electro oxidation
  • Electrodialysis
  • Electroflotation
  • De-scaling
  • Reverse electro deionization

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