Do you have the full disinfection picture?

Getting the right disinfection solution doesn’t stop at selecting the right technology. Any new installation should be looked at in terms of its whole life to make sure it’s as efficient as possible for an organisation and to maximise the output of the system. Lee Smalley, Service and Support Manager and Mike Kryworuk, Customer Service Business Development Manager, at Evoqua Water Technologies, share their expertise on the importance of evaluating servicing and support as part of a disinfection solution.

It goes without saying that water disinfection is a vital part of everyday life to keep the population safe and is central to keeping many businesses operational. With disinfection being such a critical component of many organisations, it’s of paramount importance that it is thought about beyond initial technology selection and installation. Yes, getting the right outcome for an organisation relies heavily on the technology selected and there’s many different options on the market, from UV and chemical disinfection to electrochlorination. However, what happens once the installation is complete?

In addition to providing effective treatment to ensure the water is safe, a disinfection system needs to be operationally efficient and cost effective throughout its working life. It’s therefore essential that all maintenance and servicing requirements are carefully considered. Questions to ask of your technology provider so you can obtain a complete picture of whole life requirements include:

  • How often does the technology need servicing?
  • Do you offer a servicing contract to manage costs?
  • What technical support is available and when?
  • What is the availability and lead time for spare parts?

The answers to these questions will give you a clear picture of whether the technology is going to be the right solution for you over the course of its lifespan. For example, if technical support is limited and there’s no regional engineers available, you could be facing downtime of your system while you wait for assistance.

While each and every organisation is different and has a varying requirement, in our experience there are three key factors to prioritise when selecting your disinfection system from a servicing and maintenance perspective.

  • You are provided with a comprehensive overview of the service and maintenance requirements of your system – including intervals and cost and the availability of planned and preventative maintenance programmes as an option.
  • You are guaranteed the provision of a technical support help line as an when required, so that you have a service specialist to talk with if you encounter any challenges.
  • You are confident of the availability of highly skilled regional engineers for maintenance support and that they will have access to a supply of spare and critical parts.

One factor which can add additional work to managing and maintaining a water disinfection system, is liaising with multiple manufacturers or suppliers for servicing and support. We’ve been mindful of this, so at Evoqua we have been working hard behind the scenes to establish one disinfection team. This covers the brands Wallace & Tiernan®, ATG™ UV, and the Neptune-Benson® and Pacific Ozone™ systems. This means customers have one point of contact for all servicing and maintenance support, with access to highly skilled engineers, full scope of service works and genuine spare parts.

Next time you’re selecting a water disinfection solution – whether it’s for a municipal, aquatics, or an industrial application – make sure you ask the important question. Do you know the whole life requirements of the disinfection system? If the answer is no, turn to the solution providers for the answer and make sure you’re confident with your selection from day one and throughout its lifespan.