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For more than 100 years, Evoqua has been a leader in helping support consulting engineers and municipalities with innovative wastewater treatment technologies to protect water and respond to market needs, and evolving wastewater treatment standards. Our portfolio delivers energy efficient, long-life equipment and systems that include primary and secondary clarification, biological treatment, tertiary wastewater filtration, anaerobic digestion, and odor control solutions. 

Join Evoqua experts for these informative webinars. 

Good, Better, Best; Chain & Scraper Parts & Components

Presenter: Allen Lepak, Clarification Product Manager

Components and systems age at varying rates with some parts remaining useful while others are in imminent danger of failing. Often, the failure of vulnerable components can trigger larger failures and result in damages and /or compliance issues. Watch this webinar highlighting Evoqua's parts and components that require low maintenance and those that can help extend the life of Chain and Scraper systems.

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Extend the Life of Clarifier Drives

Presenter: Allen Lepak, Clarification Product Manager

The heart of a circular clarifier system is the drive assembly and with regular maintenance can operate efficiently for many years. However, repair or replacement will eventually be needed to extend the life of your clarification system. Did you know cast iron strip-liner-type clarifier drives can be rebuilt in-place at a fraction of the cost of replacing? 

Watch this webinar and learn how to properly maintain your circular clarifier drive to achieve maximum life and identify when and how a drive can be rebuilt in the field to like-new condition!


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Closing the Loop on Comprehensive Nutrient Management

Presenter: Casey Whittier, Nutrient Recovery Product Manager

Wastewater typically contains a large amount of nutrients - particularly phosphorus – that can pose a harmful threat to infrastructure and the environment if not managed properly.

Watch this webinar and learn that utilizing a nutrient recovery process, wastewater treatment plants can mitigate these challenges while improving water quality, cost-effectively meeting stringent discharge limits, and help deliver an innovative wastewater nutrient recovery solution that contributes to the social,
environmental, and economic benefits of a circular economy.