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Wastewater Treatment Solutions and Services

For more than 100 years, Evoqua has been a leader in helping support consulting engineers and municipalities with innovative wastewater treatment technologies to protect water and respond to market needs, and evolving wastewater treatment standards. Our portfolio delivers energy efficient, long-life equipment and systems that include primary and secondary clarification, biological treatment, tertiary wastewater filtration, anaerobic digestion, and odor control solutions. 

Join Evoqua experts for these informative webinars. 

Meet Wastewater Treatment Compliance and Requirements

Good, Better, Best; Chain & Scraper Parts & Components

Presenter: Allen Lepak, Clarification Product Manager

Components and systems age at varying rates with some parts remaining useful while others are in imminent danger of failing. Often, the failure of vulnerable components can trigger larger failures and result in damages and /or compliance issues. Watch this webinar highlighting Evoqua's parts and components that require low maintenance and those that can help extend the life of Chain and Scraper systems.


Keep Odors at Bay! Operation and Maintenance Consideration

Presenter: Sean Trainor, Vapor Phase Odor Control Product Manager

Vapor phase odor & corrosion control equipment is often a forgotten component of wastewater facilities and may not get the operations and maintenance attention that it deserves. This lack of attention may not become an immediately obvious problem until odor complaints are received, increases in corrosion are observed or an audit identifies some need for improvement. Watch this webinar and learn why there is not one single solution to address odor issues and how technologies can be combined to provide an optimum odor control solution minimizing both capital and operating costs.


Need More Treatment Capacity and Better Clarification?

Presenter: Casey Whittier, BioMag® Systems Product

Learn how ballasted activated sludge can help treatment systems expand capacity with existing infrastructure, meet stringent ENR permits without additional treatment steps, and provide process resilience for wet weather flows management and poor settling sludge. Watch this webinar and learn how Evoqua’s BioMag System can settle it like a rock…not like a traditional floc!


Fast, Durable, and Economial Wastewater Treatment

Presenter: Joey Herndon, Business Developer

Field-erected treatment plants are an ideal treatment solution offering optimum application flexibility relative to physical size, flow rates, treatment levels, and site requirements. These treatment plants are ideal for the expansion of existing or new greenfield plants for treating 0.1 to 3 million gallons per day (MGD) and can be designed for activated sludge processes, sequencing batch reactors, and oxidation ditch configurations. Watch this webinar and learn how overall capital costs, maintenance and operating costs and be reduced with shorter concept-to-completion timelines!