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Webinar: Discharge and Recycle Compliance in Metal Bearing Wastewaters

Ion Exchange Applications in Metal Finishing and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

As sustainability comes more into focus, so does driving solutions without compromising quality. This requires being selective about the waste streams used in recycle applications, to have a firm knowledge of the regulatory requirements around waste treatment, and to have a plan for treatment of the remainder of the waste streams for compliant discharge.

In this webinar, presented by industry experts Chris Riley and Mark Korzenecki, learn how ion exchange medias and systems can be used for beneficial reuse of rinsewaters, as well as meeting compliant discharge standards. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Regulatory issues surrounding treatment
  • Evaluation of ion exchange treatment for metals bearing wastewater
  • Design and Operation of ion exchange waste treatment systems

Discharge and Recycle Compliance in Metal Bearing Wastewaters

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Chris Riley
Technical Services Director, WWIX, Evoqua Water Technologies

Chris Riley is the Technical Services Director for the Evoqua Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) business and is responsible for directing technical support activities for WWIX customers as well as supporting WWIX media regeneration and quality operations.

Prior to joining Evoqua, Chris held environmental engineering roles in the electroplating and environmental consulting industries where he worked in the areas of wastewater treatment and operations support, environmental auditing and process waste minimization.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, a Master’s degree in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a registered professional engineer.

Mark Korzenecki
Business Development Manager, WWIX, Evoqua Water Technologies

Mark has been with Evoqua Water Technologies for 16 years as a Business Development Manager and formerly as a High Purity Field Sales Engineer. Prior to joining Evoqua, he held account management roles in the hazardous waste/environmental services industry. 

His focus is on ion exchange, adsorptive media and wastewater treatment systems for managing wastewaters from metal finishing operations, general industry and groundwater remediation applications for the removal of regulated inorganic/heavy metal contaminants.