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Chlorine Dioxide

Watch this webinar to learn the measurements & protocols to successfully manage chlorine dioxide residuals

Chlorine dioxide is well established as a highly effective and affordable drinking water disinfectant. However, the complexity of analytical testing to meet EPA regulations has always been a challenge for chlorine dioxide users. Recently, there have been significant recent developments in terms of EPA regulations and testing protocols.

Presented on Sept. 6, 2018, the webinar gives utilities a comprehensive understanding of the current EPA-approved standard test methods for chlorine dioxide, chlorite ion and chlorate ion residuals in treated water and the analytical procedures that can be used for residual measurements.

Learning Objectives

  • In depth review of chlorine dioxide and implementation factors
  • Discover how to successfully manage chlorine dioxide residuals

Chlorine Dioxide: Measurements & Protocols to Successfully Manage Residuals

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About the Presenters

Dr. Bernard Bubnis, President, NovaChem Laboratories Inc.
Dr. Bernie Bubnis is president of NovaChem Laboratories, based in Oxford, Ohio. NovaChem serves as a reliable partner to numerous water utilities and industrial manufacturers of chemical oxidants because of its vast experience in the measurement of low-level disinfection by-product (DBP) concentrations. NovaChem Laboratories retains NELAC certification and state approvals for the measurement of ClO2−, ClO3−, Br− and BrO3− in drinking water. NovaChem participates in a USEPA certified Proficiency Testing (PT) program for the analysis of chlorite, chlorate, bromide and bromate ions. For more information, visit www.novachemlabs.com.

Stephan Andree, Global Product Manager, Evoqua Water Technologies
Stephan has worked with Evoqua Water Technologies for 19 years in a number of capacities, most recently as the global product manager in the Products segmenet for its disinfection analyzers and controllers portfolio. Stephan previously worked for Betz Laboratories for 10 years as a specialty chemicals area sales manager. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas. Stephan lives with his family in Wilmington, N.C., and enjoys coastal sailing.