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BTF-Bioscrubber Biological Odor Control

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Delivers optimal odor control performance without chemicals

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Discontinued product

Delivers optimal odor control performance without chemicals

Discontinued product


The BTF-Bioscrubber​ bio-trickling filter (BTF) is an advanced, non-hazardous biological air treatment system which integrates equipment, media, and the NUCIRC process for optimal performance and flexibility. The NUCIRC process skid allows operation in either recirculation or once through modes to deliver accelerated acclimation that is ideal for odor control and removal.

The BTF-Bioscrubber system is designed to perform at efficiencies of greater than 99 percent of H2S removal and 95% odor without the need to add chemicals.


Treatment Flowrates

  • 20,000 cfm for standard cylindrical vessels,
  • 50,000 cfm for custom rectangular vessels


  • Inert, rigid media for long life with operating examples using original media for well over 10 years.
  • Premium FRP construction.
  • Available in a single stage option for hydrogen sulfide focused applications or as a patented two-stage option for more complex odor applications.
  • Evoqua has options to help reduce your water consumption.


Treatment Flow Rate, Maximum: cfm
  • 50,000
System Type
  • Biological Systems