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High-rate biological treatment for nitrate, selenium, and metals

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Discontinued product

High-rate biological treatment for nitrate, selenium, and metals

Discontinued product


Developed to treat a variety of ground and surface water sources in an efficient, compact footprint, the state-of-the-art SeHAWK® Link bioreactor accomplishes high rate removal of nitrate, selenium, and metals in a water treatment plant setting. The modular, prefabricated building blocks are specially designed to accommodate a wide range of flows by addition of parallel bioreactor units. Frontier Water Systems provides a complete solution by integrating the SeHAWK® Link bioreactor with pre-and post-treatment unit processes such as reverse osmosis, filtration, clarification, and disinfection.


Equipment Specifications

Specification Value
Plant Flow 100 - 3000 GPM
SeHAWK® Flow 100 - 750 GPM
Number of Parallel SeHAWK® Trains 1 - 8
Selenium Removal Efficiency 95%


  • Mining
  • Municipal RO Brine Treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas