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Filtration System Controllers and Valves

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Simple and effective control and monitoring for filter systems

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Discontinued product

Simple and effective control and monitoring for filter systems

Discontinued product


The range of Evoqua controllers for filtration systems offer simplicity with a number of features for easy operation to meet your specific requirements.

All systems include a large LCD display, menu driven programming, and historical data recording.


Filt-N-FlushTM Controller

  • A basic and cost effective solution for monitoring filter systems

VF_- AC Filter Controller

This controller allows flush cycles to be initiated by: Manual; Periodic (time between flushes) and/or Pressure differential across the filter. Up to 4, 8 or 12 parallel filters may be connected to the VF -AC controller. Multiple filters flush sequentially when a flush cycle is initiated. The controller then checks to be sure the pressure differential has dropped to zero, indicating the filtering medium has been cleaned. If a preset limit (adjustable from 1 to 7) of simultaneous flush cycles occur, the VF_-AC will send an alarm signal.

MicroFlushTM filtration system controller

Allows the control and monitoring of a self-cleaning system with unprecedented features and flexibility at an economical price