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Defender® RMF System Controller

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Control and monitoring solution for Defender® RMF system

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Discontinued product

Control and monitoring solution for Defender® RMF system

Discontinued product


Defender® RMF Filters feature an intuitive touch screen graphic interface for controlling and monitoring all system operations. The RMF Controller features an animated graphic display with advanced communication, data logging and remote monitoring capabilities.


Easy to Use

Displays data through a 7” high resolution touch screen HMI. On-screen menus make operation quick and easy with animated graphics and step-by step instructions.

Advanced Control

Provides control of bump, precoat and drain/rinse cycles, pneumatic valves, recirculation pumps, vacuum transfer system, heater cool down delay and more. Bump schedules can be tailored to meet the needs of your operation.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Allows operators to remotely manage operations and track system performance while working on other tasks at or away from the facility. Provides remote monitoring and e-mail notifications of condition changes on desktop and/or mobile devices.

Continually logs data capturing critical information on water pressure, bump frequency, drain/purge and more. Data can be viewed remotely and is exportable for analysis, troubleshooting and reporting.

At A Glance

  • World-class Siemens hardware/architecture
  • Simatic S7-1200 1212C CPU + TP700 HMI
  • NEMA-4X/IP65 polycarbonate enclosure
  • 110/220V enclosure power supply
  • 24VDC solenoid valve power supply
  • UL 508A certified
  • Field upgradable firmware/software
  • High resolution 7" touch screen display (HMI)
  • HMI readable in five (5) built-in languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese
  • Delta-P continuously displayed on home screen
  • High-resolution graphics convey status of vessel/valves
  • Three-level security authorization for multiple users
  • Step-by-step instructions for all core operations
  • Diagnostic menus to facilitate troubleshooting
  • Manual control of all valves/operations possible
  • Programmable relay w/ pre-defined options
  • On-screen operating and maintenance manual
  • Data logging and maintenance reminders
  • Automatic error alerts
  • Built-in web server and e-mail client
  • View/control functionality via web browser
  • Integrated network card
  • Remote monitoring/operation
  • Modbus/TCP communication
  • Available BacNET integration
  • CE approved