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MX Modules

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Delivering superior performance for laboratory and low-flow process applications.

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Discontinued product

Delivering superior performance for laboratory and low-flow process applications.

Discontinued product


Evoqua's MX CEDI modules complement light industrial, commercial, and laboratory RO systems that are wall mounted or housed in a cabinet.

​Performance on these modules has been optimized to produce high-purity water for laboratory and smaller scale applications. A wide nominal flow range from 30 to 500 liters per hour (lph) increases the applicability for single module installations. ​

Running from 30 lph (0.13 gpm) to 500 lph (2.2 gpm), the MX modules are known to deliver superior performance for a variety of small-scale applications. In addition, these modules provide up to 95% recovery and up to 99% silica removal.

Features and Benefits


  • Double O-ring seal & housing guarantees leak-free operation
  • Superior electrical isolation
  • 75 psi (5 bar), 113°F (45°C) continuous operation
  • Proprietary “all-filled” concentrating compartments eliminate recirculation pump and brine injection


  • Significantly lower operating costs
  • Generate mixed-bed quality deionized water without the use of chemicals
  • No need for acid/caustic, neutralization system or exchangable DI tanks
  • Continuous production instead of batch, with consistent quality



  • ​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 0.06 (15)
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): 0.13 (30)​
  • ​​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 0.19 (45)


  • ​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 0.13 (30)
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): 0.26(62.5)​
  • ​​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 0.39 (90)


  • ​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 0.27 (62.5)​
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): 0.55(125)​
  • ​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 0.825 (187)​


  • ​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 0.55 (125)​
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): ​1.1 (250)
  • ​​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 1.65 (375)