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Emergency Vapor Scrubber Systems (EVSS)

Safety equipment designed to contain & treat leaks of toxic gas such as sulfur dioxide, ammonia, fluorine & chlorine gas

Chlorine, the most common disinfectant used in drinking water applications, has many benefits, but accidental releases of chlorine gas can pose serious health risks, including death. For more than a quarter of a century, Evoqua’s emergency vapor scrubber systems have been protecting plants, personnel and communities around the world from toxic gas leaks. Our systems have been tested by an independent laboratory for chlorine releases and are designed to meet the Universal Fire Code requirements for chlorine gas storage.

Over 500 Installations

Handling flowrates from 250 cfm to 35,000 cfm & treating gas quantities from 150 lb. up to 100 tons

Reliable & Proven Technology

Plant leaks successfully contained & treated

Quality Assurance

Assembled & tested in our ISO 9001 certified factory for quality assurance

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RJ-2000® Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems

Provide protection against accidental leaks of toxic gases such as chlorine, hydrogen flouride and sulfur dioxide

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