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Geomembrane Fabrication Service

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Creating a custom containment solution to fit any industry or application specifications

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Discontinued product

Creating a custom containment solution to fit any industry or application specifications

Discontinued product
Geomembrane Fabrication Service


Our Geomembrane Fabrication Service is designed to develop high-quality liner and containment solutions for a variety of industries including agricultural, manufacturing, energy, recreational, and municipal.

These custom-made systems fit your exact requirements and specifications. This eliminates the time that is wasted fitting a non-custom liner or container as well as the excess material. Working in a state-of-the-art 28,000 sq ft facility, we have more than enough space to fabricate large geomembrane panels, up to One Acre in size, that would typically call for extra seams. Limiting the numbers of seams needed allows us to provide a more durable, longer-lasting product.

Additionally, our radio frequency (dielectric) welding equipment allows us to fabricate high-quality seams, which are inspected extensively following ASTM D-4437 procedures. Destructive seam samples are tested in our on-site quality assurance lab. We use AutoCAD software to design liners and piece together panels perfectly. We produce panels to exact industry standards and customer specifications.


Features & Benefits

  • Flexible materials used limit the amount of wear and tear thus ensuring a long-lasting product.
  • Custom fabricated containment system will match your project’s exact specifications.
  • This eliminates wasted materials and time spent adjusting a non-custom option.
  • State-of-the-art facility provides enough space to produce large membrane walls
  • Limiting the number of seams making the containment liner more stable.
  • All North American-made products and detail-oriented fabrication practices to limit lead time.