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Structurally Supported Covers

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Minimize odors and algae with an ArchPro™ structurally supported cover system.

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Discontinued product

Minimize odors and algae with an ArchPro™ structurally supported cover system.

Discontinued product


Evoqua’s retractable ArchPro™ systems are structurally supported, cover systems allowing tanks to be securely covered while providing easy access to the tank’s internal components. The cover system consists of a sheet of high-strength, UV-protected, coated fabric tensioned across a low-profile aluminum arched frame spanning the tank opening.​


Features & Benefits

  • Captures odorous offgas for subsequent removal and treatment
  • Can be quickly detached and easily retracted to expose tank contents for inspection or maintenance
  • Yield capital and operating cost savings
  • Custom-designed to support local code loads
  • Can be installed without disrupting plant operation
  • Rainwater automatically runs off the cover to the tank perimeter
  • Durable, UV-protected, and resistant to harsh wastewater environments
  • Option for aluminum walkways for easier retractability
    Option of custom-designed guardrail for increased safety


  • Control odors
  • Block sunlight to limit algae growth
  • Reduce disinfection requirements and the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs)​
  • Minimize chlorine loss​
  • Prevent debris from entering tanks


Cover Type
  • Rectangular Basins, Above Surface, Structurally Supported, Odor Control, Off Gas Collection, Block Sunlight, Retractable / Removable, Gas Treatment Option