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pH Control, Equalization and Screening

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Ancillaries for Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

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Discontinued product

Ancillaries for Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

Discontinued product


We have extensive experience in designing and providing pH control, equalization and screening Systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

pH Control Systems Applications:

  • Prior to pretreatment (e.g., DAF) processes to better control chemical coagulation and flocculation
  • Post pretreatment to correct pH after a pretreatment chemical program
  • Prior to biological treatment to ensure optimum process conditions
  • Final discharge to meet permit requirements
    System Include:
  • State-of-the-art monitoring and control devices
  • Properly sized and mixed neutralization tanks
  • Reliable chemical delivery systems
  • Acids and caustics
  • CO2

Equalization Systems

  • Tanks are designed based on the flow and contaminant equalization goals of a specific application and can be provided in a variety of materials of construction
  • Tank mixing systems include mechanical and diffused air options that are tailored to the type of wastewater being processed System Include:
    • pH monitoring and control
    • Flow and level monitoring and control
    • Off-gas control

Screening Systems

  • Prior to treatment to remove large solids from wastewater stream
  • Typical screens have 0.02" - 0.03" openings to remove large solids that can damage downstream equipment System Include:
    • Internally-fed screens
    • Externally-fed screens
    • In-channel screens

These screening systems can be configured with optional controls and pumping stations to meet specific project needs.