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Integrated Aerobic Pretreatment (IPAC)

Discontinued product

Integrated Aerobic Pretreatment (IPAC)

Discontinued product


An activated sludge process that uses a DAF for the clarification of biological solids and removal of product solids and O&G downstream of an aerated reactor. Unlike a gravity clarifier, the DAF will remove both biological solids and product TSS and O&G that do not break down in the aerated reactor. The main advantage of an IPAC is the ability to provide treatment of a moderate to high concentration BOD5 waste stream with moderate concentrations of product TSS and O&G., all in a single process without a pretreatment step.



Our aerobic treatment systems can be used for a wide range of industrial wastewater treatment applications:

  • To meet sewer discharge limits for BOD5 or COD
  • To remove nitrogen and phosphorous
  • To provide direct discharge quality effluent
  • To stabilize or reduce the sludge volume of biological treatment biosolids


Aerobic Treatment System Type
  • Activated Sludge, Separation/Clarification