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Periodic laboratory testing and analysis of your ion exchange resin is recommended to ensure optimum performance from your water or wastewater treatment system. Ion Exchange resin testing helps determines the quality of your resin and can help to diagnose your water and wastewater system's operating problems. Periodic testing of your resin helps to ensure that your system continues to operate optimally and efficiently. Testing of your resin begins with gathering a sample. Evoqua can either provide you with a resin sample kit for gathering the sample using your own site personnel, or if you prefer, we can also arrange for a service technician from one of our local branches to assist in the sampling process.


  • Capacity before/after clean up steps
  • Percent moisture (indicator of resin oxidation or fouling)
  • Particles size distribution
  • Iron and organic fouling
  • Friability (crush strength)
  • TOC (total organic carbon)

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Evoqua Standard Cation IX Resin Analysis

Material: W3TSP5138

Standard Cation IX Resin Analysis (0.25 liter sample required). Includes total capacity, moisture, particle size, iron fouling, cleanup (as required), and Evaluation (SDI cations include %H).

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Resin Test Kit, Free w/Resin Analysis

Material: W3T213874

Single Resin Test Kit Kit contains: 16 wide mouth 500 ml plastic bottles, sampling instructions and analysis request for m. Test kit is free when added to cart with Cation, Anion or Mixed Bed Resin Analysis.

If test kit only is ordered, $50 fee will be refunded when test order is placed RESINKITSINGLE

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Standard Anion IX Resin Analysis

Material: W3TSP5140

Standard Anion IX Resin Analysis (0.25 liter sample required). Includes Total Capacity, Moisture, Particle Size, Iron Fouling, Cleanup [as required], and Evaluation (SDI Anions include %OH).

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Standard Mixed Bed IX Resin Analysis

Material: W3TSP5142

Standard Mixed Bed IX Resin Analysis (0.5-1.0 liter sample required). Includes Resin Separation plus Anion and Cation tests.

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