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Multi-Stage Water Solution Helps Power Facility Reduce Costs

Solution provides unique footprint and high quality boiler feed water ensuring optimum turbine reliability and performance

PSEG’s Bridgeport Harbor Station, an environmentally friendly power station that utilizes new, cutting-edge technology, is powering the future of the Greater Bridgeport Region. The station will be adding 485 megawatts of highly efficient generating capacity, powering more than 500,000 homes and businesses with clean, sustainable energy.


With expansion came the requirement for a 120 gpm water treatment system to treat the municipal feed water for use as boiler feed water.

For your typical boiler feed water treatment application it is crucial that the feed water is of the highest quality. Removing the fine particles that cause harm to your overall system will not only help in extending the life of your membrane equipment, but also the equipment downstream. Ultimately, producing high quality water will decrease the potential for boiler fouling, increase heat exchange efficiencies, increase the production of high quality steam, along with extending the integrity and performance of your turbine system.


The Evoqua solution included a Vortisand® H2F300 pretreatment filtration system that helped in reducing the amount of silt in the feed water travelling through the two-pass Vantage® and FlexRO® reverse osmosis system. An ion exchange system was integrated within the solution to reduce levels of conductivity and remove silica and other contaminants.

The Vortisand® filtration system is a high capacity media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration performance; 10 to 50 times finer than traditional media filters. Such high efficiency filtration systems provide various benefits in membrane pretreatment applications. Membranes require a pretreatment filter to protect the systems efficiency and integrity. The Vortisand system will achieve this goal, along with decreasing levels of SDI, allowing the designer to optimize the solution and increase the membrane life cycle.


The water treatment system has assisted in reducing the potential for boiler fouling, ultimately decreasing both operating and maintenance costs. Included with the Evoqua performance guarantee was a 5 year service program where our service team will be partnering with PSEG for weekly visits, proactively adjusting the system to account for any changes in the feed water.

This Evoqua solution provided both a unique footprint and high quality boiler feed water that will ensure optimum turbine reliability and performance.

" This project brings to light the Evoqua advantage, bringing together the experience and knowledge of our brands, to help our customers achieve their objectives. And most importantly ensuring we deliver on our Purpose. Transforming water. Enriching life®. "

Bud Hay, Industrial Vice President, Evoqua