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Temporary Treatment of Drinking Water for a Municipality

Low profile air strippers, and carbon filter vessels are ideal for the removal of a variety of VOCs


The consulting engineer for a municipal water utility contacted Carbonair to solve a problem that their client was having with several of its drinking water production wells. Low levels of Vinyl Chloride (VC) were detected in several of its drinking water wells. They needed to treat this water on a temporary basis until they could either construct new wells or build a larger permanent treatment plant to handle the problem.



Carbonair designed and supplied two trailer-mounted STAT 720 Low Profile Air Strippers for treating up to 2000 gpm of contaminated water. These trailer mounted air strippers were put into service in May of 2008 and successfully and economically treated the water from two municipal wells, removing 99.9% of the TCE in the water and providing safe drinking water for the city residents.