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Turnkey Wastewater Treatment Plant for Juice Manufacturer

Innovative plant design increases production and meets treatment requirements


A producer of frozen concentrated and chilled citrus juices was in need of building their own wastewater treatment plant due to the publicly owned treatment works (POTW) facility operating at close to capacity.  The juice manufacturer chose to take responsibility for their wastewater treatment by having a plant built to meet their requirements.  The project called for an innovative plant design as well as the challenge of routing piping and utilities under a railway line while maintaining uninterrupted production throughout the juice manufacturing facility. 



Evoqua's DAVCO™ Products and Service team designed and installed a complete turnkey field-erected wastewater treatment system at their facility.  The system included a 1.2 million gallon per day (MGD) complete mix activated sludge (CMAS) process with clarification, sludge handling and dewatering.  The project management team was responsible for:

  • Geotechnical Survey and Design   
  • Civil and Process Engineering and Design   
  • Construction and Installation   
  • Instrumentation and Controls   
  • Start-up and Commissioning     

Severe site restrictions called for an innovative plant layout design including the use of post tensioned concrete walls and an integrated tank arrangement.  Additionally, the site required extensive preparation with over 500 steel beam pilings and included demolition of the existing wastewater system. 

Innovative plant design from Evoqua's DAVCO™ product line allows juice manufacturer to meet wastewater treatment requirements and increse production.


This impressive facility is 218 feet in diameter with walls standing 32 feet high at a width of only 14 inches.  The magnitude of this project presented numerous logistical challenges requiring “dry-run” planning and around-the-clock continuous concrete pours for the base of the plant.  

The influent and effluent quality for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS) is as follows:

  • Influent - 5000 BOD mg/l (500 TSS mg/l)
  • Effluent - 200 BOD mg/l (200 TSS mg/l)  

In the end the customer received a facility that met all their requirements for reliability and effluent quality.