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Mobile Water Treatment Eliminates Iron Level Issues

A groundwater treatment facility solves issues caused by high iron levels in their water


This client operates a groundwater treatment facility at a Super Fund site where groundwater is pumped to a VOC stripper for the removal of TCE which is then re-injected into the aquifer. High iron levels in the groundwater caused fouling of pumps, pipes and well casings. This fouling threatened the reliability of the process in terms of flow.


Mobile water treatment proved to be the solution for this client. Evoqua Water Technologies provided a mobile pretreatment trailer containing six PreFlex® 54 units. ‚Äč

The client opted for the treatment system based on the automated backwash capability of the PreFlex 54 units. The filter backwash water is collected in a tank and decanted so clean water meeting the publicly-owned treatment works' limits on metals could be discharged to the municipal sewer system. The PreFlex 54 system was able to accommodate the client's proprietary media for dissolved iron removal.


Total iron levels of 3 ppm with dissolved iron 2.3 ppm were reduced to less than 0.3 ppm and eliminated the fouling problems. This mobile treatment solution was piloted while a capital decision was being considered.

Evoqua Water Technologies was able to meet the delivery, installation and start-up time set by the client. The PreFlex 54 automated backwash unit capability was a key selling point because it allowed site personnel to continue with other activities. The client was happy to find a partner that would incorporate their proprietary media into a system. It helped maintain costs and reliability of water back to the system.

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