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Mobile Treatment Solution Helps Chemical Plant Meet Zero Liquid Discharge Requirements

Mobile demineralization trailer helps customer meet requirements while providing cost savings


A chemical plant in northern Illinois makes aqueous ammonia used for feed into the stacks of power plants for the removal of contaminants. Water is used during the ammonia production process. High quality water produces better aqueous ammonia, which allows for the most efficient removal of flue gas contaminants.

The customer had a water treatment system onsite but was interested in updating its technology to an easier-to-use, space-saving, and cost-effective system. Maintaining zero liquid discharge (ZLD) at the facility was a key issue for the plant.


Evoqua Water Technologies entered into a three-year contract to supply a solution that meets flow requirements and allows the facility the option to expand. Mobile demineralizer (MODI) trailers were brought in to replace the existing resin vessels at the plant. The MT3000 series was selected because it met the facility's flow rate requirements of 100-200 gpm. These trailers are taken offsite to be regenerated, allowing the plant to continue meeting its ZLD requirements.

The guarantee of a MODI trailer within two hours of the call, accompanied with the local service capabilities of Evoqua were important considerations for the customer. With a mobile trailer solution, the customer could remove all the cumbersome resin vessels previously required, which allowed them to expand their production. The mobile system's ease of use provided a reduced handling benefit for the customer.


Evoqua Water Technologies provided MODI trailers that were able to meet all requirements, including flow rate and ZLD. At the same time, the customer got an easy-to-use, space-saving system that resulted in cost savings around $400,000 dollars a year.

Due to the success at this facility, the customer has used Evoqua at other facilities where water quality and sustainability are critical.

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