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Seawater Electrolysis & Anti Bio-Fouling

Market-leading anodes perfectly suited for offshore and marine applications

The offshore and marine environment is unpredictable and often challenging. Technology solutions which are critical to the performance of applications operating at sea must therefore be of the highest quality, offering guaranteed performance and low maintenance. No one knows this like Magneto, which has been providing innovative anodes to this market for decades.

Offshore, the electrolysis of seawater is used to prevent macro and micro biofouling of heating or cooling water circuits at power stations, oil platforms and on vessels, as well as systems requiring process water. In line with international IMO and USCG discharge regulations, electrolysis is central to treating ballast water.

Seawater electrolysis removes the requirement to transport and store hazardous free chlorine, since it is made in-situ, making it a safer option for disinfection. Magneto has developed specialized anodes with different form factors such as plate, mesh and tube, with proprietary ruthenium and iridium MMO coating for this industry. These anodes have been extensively tested in the laboratory and in the field for guaranteed performance. Importantly, we can replace anodes in many electrolyser cells in the market, when they come to the end of their life or to upgrade performance.

Water, electricity and chloride ions with a certain concentration can be used to produce available chlorine (including HClO, ClO, and Cl2) on site by electrolysis. Available chlorine, as a broad-spectrum fungicide, can kill bacteria or algae and shellfish in the water and prevent the attachment of marine organisms on the coastal facilities and pipelines. It is also able to sterilize water for a variety of processes.

Magneto provides anodes for applications including:

  • Antifouling by seawater electrolysis
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Other disinfection

Products and services:

  • High-performance Keramox® electrodes for electrochlorination
  • Reversal Polarity Titanium electrode for special application
  • High-performance MAGCHLOR® electrode for electrochlorination cell
  • Various types of renovation of seawater electrochlorination cell

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