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High-quality anode solutions to meet the needs of the global automotive market

With over 77 million motor vehicles produced globally each year, the automotive industry is like no other and demands quality, reliability, reproducibility and market-leading delivery times. Magneto has proven experience in this sector and delivers against all of these requirements and more.

Our industry-leading anodes are used to support the automotive market with the protective coating of steel in the electrogalvanizing, electrochroming, electrotinning, and metal plating processes, as well as for many plastic components that require a plated layer. We produce functional or decorative plated layers like chromium, nickel or zinc-nickel.

As the automotive industry worldwide undergoes a period of rapid evolution to switch to electric vehicles and future fuels, Magneto is perfectly positioned to support. Our anodes are vital in the electric vehicle market, helping with the production of specialised copper foil used in lithium battery production. Our anodes are coated long enough to last maintenance schedules and offer low operational expenditure and energy consumption.

Magneto is the answer for specialized long-life anodes that deliver industry-leading solutions for world-class vehicles, securely and on time. A partner you can trust.

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