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Magneto is an industry-leader in the supply of anodes for the wind energy market

Offshore and onshore wind is central to the future of renewable energy generation globally and applications are rising fast to meet demand. Last year alone, the offshore wind industry installed more than 6GW of new capacity*.

Due to the unique and often challenging nature of windfarm locations, it is essential that operators work with partners that understand their specific needs. Magneto is an industry-leader in this market and has proven experience of designing anodes to meet the requirements of the wind energy market today and tomorrow.

We understand that operators need a solution that offers them peace of mind for these unmanned applications. Automated and remote monitoring control is central to this, as well as technology that has a long-life span with rust formation protection. Magneto’s anodes deliver these benefits, as well as low operational costs.

Importantly, Magneto anodes can be customized to the exact specification of each individual application and we bring to the table our extensive experience of all applications types, from HVDC platforms to submerged structures and remote onshore farms. We have the future of energy generation covered.


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