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Market-leading innovation to protect marine hulls from corrosion damage

The commercial shipping trade is made up of over 93,000 vessels* and these vital carriers of cargo need long-term, reliable protection from rust formation to keep them in operation. Magneto provides industry-leading titanium anodes for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) of marine hulls from the costly damage rust causes. In comparison to sacrificial systems, ICCP offers operators a longer operational life, of around 20 years, and lower operating costs.

Magneto’s anodes meet the precise specifications of the marine environment – a market we have six decades of proven experience in. When a vessel moves into a new water type, the current can be easily changed to adapt to the new conditions, whether the water is fresh or brackish.

As well as longevity and low operational costs, Magneto’s technology supports automated and remote monitoring control for operational efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

Sustainability is high on Magneto’s agenda and operators can be confident their ICCP system is energy efficient and won’t harm the marine environment.


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