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Uncovering the World of Anodes:

Five Things You Didn’t Know

Anodes are in use all around us and play a key role in the development and manufacture of everything from cars to mobile phones and the purification of drinking water. They represent a highly specialized bit of electrochemical engineering in every system they are a part of, which means most people are not familiar with their characteristics and proper application. To put them centre stage, Jordan Groody, a technical sales executive at Evoqua, reveals five facts about Magneto Special Anodes you might not know.

Magneto® Anodes Are In Use Across The Globe

Our anodes are hard at work serving multiple industries all around us, every day. From the frozen northern regions of Canada to the coast of Australia and everywhere in between, Magento anodes are the go-to choice for thousands of customers. Our anodes can be found protecting the hulls of vessels at sea, coating the steel for your next automobile, and chlorinating your neighbour’s swimming pool. Anywhere you go, you are never far from one of our quality MMO anodes.

Magneto Special Anodes Is Over 65 Years Old

In 1957, the same year the first space satellite, Sputnik, was launched, Dr. Henri Beer patented inert titanium-based mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes with customised active precious metal coatings and Magneto was born. Since then, we have remained focused on one core mission, providing high-quality anodes to match your application from our ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facilities.

Anodes Are Playing A Key Role In Our Sustainable Future

From the production of nickel for EV battery needs to water electrolysis for green hydrogen for the future of power in your home and replacing fossil fuels for transport, Magneto® anodes are critical to supporting the low carbon agenda to protect and preserve our planet.

Each Anode At Magneto Is Designed For High Performance

We collaborate closely with our customers to understand their applications at the engineering stage to ensure our anodes meet their specific requirements. To achieve this, critical steps in the manufacturing process have been refined over six decades to produce high-quality, durable anodes. During manufacturing, monitoring at each critical stage ensures adhesion and selectivity of a catalyst on the carrier substrate ensures the exact performance and lifetime goals are met.

Our Team Continues The Proud History Of Innovation

With over 170 dedicated people on our Magneto Special Anodes team, in 56 different job roles – from electrochemists to engineers, manufacturing technicians, designers, and scientists, our common goal continues to be the reduced use and recovery of precious catalytic materials and finding non-precious alternatives, for example in Green Hydrogen.

We hope you found this insight into the world of anodes and our business interesting. To find out more about us and see range visit our brand site here.