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Introducing the Next Generation of Water Monitoring and Control

Our new portfolio of analyzers and controllers is set to transform the way organizations monitor and control water quality. Following months of extensive testing and development, we asked Product Manager Benjamin Schoepfer to share some details about what’s been going on behind the scenes at Evoqua Water Technologies and how the new Rivo System is going to help our customers.


Q. Tell us what you’ve been working on for the last two years?

A. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes bringing to life our vision to revolutionise the way water treatment is managed and controlled. Our goal was to create a solution for the complete water ecosystem of the future, in one control platform, and I’m proud to say we’ve done it. We’ve designed, engineered, and manufactured a truly game-changing new range of analyzers and controllers for water treatment.  Our new Rivo product range includes three product variants, each with varying capabilities to suit different applications.

The Rivo control platform, as part of the Evoqua ecosystem provides customers with the flexibility needed in today’s environment of frequent change. The platform can directly integrate other water treatment solutions into the ecosystem, enabling plants to improve productivity and optimize operations. This marks a move to one Evoqua control platform, allowing customers to shift from PLC or SCADA systems to a solution driven by one control platform. 

At Evoqua we’re always striving to innovate and engineer the next generation of water treatment solutions and we knew the area of analysis and control was where we could make a real difference for our customers worldwide. We gained this insight through our ongoing partnerships with operators, and we delved deeper into what our customers wanted through dedicated research. Our customers said they wanted to reduce the risk of downtime, remote manage, simply and quickly address system alerts, manage water treatment across multiple sites and ensure health, safety and regulatory compliance. We listened, and I’m proud to say we have delivered the solution – and more – following an extensive period of testing and development from our experts.

Importantly, it really feels like our customers have built this solution with us as we’ve worked so closely with the feedback and insight received.


Q. How are the new range of Rivo analyzers and controllers going to help our customers?

A. We’ve designed the new range with the needs of our customers front and center, so every detail is going to make a difference. The move to one Evoqua ecosystem for every type of water treatment is going to have a huge impact on operators. It will eradicate the need for a control system for each water treatment technology in a business by enabling interaction between systems, with a consistent interface for future cloud-based solutions. This will simplify the management and control of water treatment, ensure water quality, compliance, safety and support with sustainability initiatives, not just today but for the future. What’s exciting for us, and our customers, is what the platform can become as businesses utilize it to meet their unique needs.


Q. How is the Rivo system different to Evoqua’s existing technology?

A. The new Rivo range of products marks a significant evolution in water treatment. It will replace all our existing analyzers and controllers and enable operators to steer, manage and process all water treatment using one platform. It’s giving operators power to interact between all their systems and the advantage of this capability, under one platform, cannot be underestimated. Its intuitive design, digital and connected capabilities mean the platform will continue to evolve with each customer and this is important and what sets the range apart.


Q. Which organisations and applications is the new range of analyzers and controllers designed for?

A. The range is a solution for the water industry and all forms of water treatment. Specifically, we have portfolios for our aquatics, municipal and industrial customers. This means our technology will cover everything from swimming pools and waterparks, through to wastewater treatment plants, and beverage manufacturing sites.


Q. What are you most looking forward to about this range launching?

A. Sharing it with our customers! While the design and development stage of any technology launch is interesting to be involved with, the excitement to share it with the market really builds. This development project has been the largest in recent years for Evoqua and one of the biggest investments the company has made in its technology. We know the huge potential the range has to make a real difference to our customers and their operations through one complete system for measuring and monitoring water, and its future potential is endless due to the digital and connectivity capabilities of the system. So, I can’t wait to see those first installations go in now and see the results.


If you would like to discuss your water monitoring and control requirements and how the Rivo system can support your business, please get in touch today.