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Protecting the World’s Toughest Industrial Applications

Electrode solutions for Corrosion Protection

In 1957, Dr. Henri Beer of Magneto Chemie—which became Magneto Special Anodes in 2002 and was acquired by Evoqua in 2016—developed the mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating for titanium anodes. In the decades since Dr. Beer’s discovery, Evoqua’s Magneto Special Anodes has deepened expertise, innovation and development of anodes for the electrochemical industry.

Today, Magneto Special Anodes from Evoqua prides itself on working in partnership with its customers to ensure the right solution is delivered for each individual application and offers ongoing support to maximize the life of anodes.  Over more than six decades we have worked hard to build and maintain an industry-leading reputation for product excellence, reliability, and service. It is our advanced technology, coupled with our unrivalled understanding of the markets our customers operate in, that continue to set us apart. We are fully supported with ISO9001 certified Quality Assurance System and LEAN manufacturing.

We can provide solutions for electrowinning and recovery, water treatment and electrolysis, metal plating, and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) for onshore and offshore structures. Our custom anodes have proven reliable in a number of the toughest ICCP applications globally, including offshore windfarms, tank farms, oil rigs, offshore platforms, pipelines, water heaters /boilers, and steel-reinforced concrete. Anodes are also a popular solution for the protection of marine vessel hulls from corrosion.

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ICCP is an electrical process for protection against galvanic corrosion and one of the most effective methods for preventing corrosion on a metal surface. For ICCP to be effective, titanium anodes are applied with a thin layer of platinum or KERAMOX™ MMO coating.  Whether in the form of wires, tubes or rods, the MMO coated anodes have an extended life span and require little maintenance. Our KERAMOX coated MMO anodes for ICCP applications have been tested and proven to exceed NACE TM0108-2012 standards.

Titanium Anodes with MMO Coating Benefits:

  • Excellent adherence properties with proper surface preparation
  • Durable, long-life electrode technology
  • Superior chemical resistance to highly acidic conditions.
  • Quality manufacturing and testing
  • No leaching into water table

Coatings Manufactured to Meet Precise Requirements

Anodes are available in a wide variety of configurations, which include tubular, wire, rods, sheet, or plate to meet product or process requirements. Anodes can be customized for specific applications. 

Magneto-ICCPAnodes_1104x648.jpgMagneto Special Anodes are available for a variety of applications with customized mixed metal oxide or platinum coatings to meet requirements

Our custom design process centers around a deep understanding of how the anodes will be applied and includes an evaluation of product or process specifications and parameters to determine specific anode coatings based on conditions which include electrolyte composition, temperature, current density, and lifecycle, as well as the client’s mechanical design. Every anode is manufactured to meet the very specific needs of each application. The design, shape, geometry and application of either MMO or platinum coating is determined based on the specific application.

Through our experience and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to enable the electrochemical industry to become more sustainable.  Magneto® Anode experts continually research and develop electrolytic anode solutions to help solve electrochemical challenges across a wide range of applications.

KERAMOX is a trademark of Evoqua, its subsidiaries or affiliates in some countries