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What is the Future of Corrosion Protection?

Corrosion is one of the most expensive and destructive environmental impacts on global industry. At particular risk are the marine and oil & gas sectors, which face a never-ending battle against the elements. Traditionally, Sacrificial Anode Systems (SAS) have been the most common countermeasure, but advances in technology are enhancing protection. Here at Magneto Special Anodes, we focus on Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) anodes and the myriad of advantages they offer, including longevity, cost-effectiveness, performance, and environmental benefits.

Corrosion continues to pose an ongoing and major challenge across various industries, particularly those working in marine, coastal and offshore environments. While the issue has driven the innovation of many solutions over the decades, newer technologies are now far outperforming traditional methods, including Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems. So, should marine, oil & gas and offshore renewable companies consider ICCP solutions? Let’s explore the benefits of these newer systems.

Sacrificial Approach

Sacrificial anodes ‘do what it says on the tin’, they break down in a galvanic electrochemical reaction instead of the structure. However, this process also leads to the release of metal ions (within the anode) into the environment – an important consideration as sustainability comes further into focus. These also have a lifespan of typically less than five years and need regular planned replacement; generally requiring 14-20 kilogram anodes to reach these minimum lifetimes.

Magneto: Industry-Leading Solutions

The industry shift from SAS to ICCP systems signifies an important evolution in corrosion protection technologies. Here, at Evoqua, we work with ICCP system manufacturers incorporating our Magneto Optima® anodes optimised for their specific application.

Many commercially available ICCP systems require fewer anodes than SAS and allow for data collection to better understand corrosion requirements at each site to ensure on-going optimal protection.

At around 1 kilogram per anode, costs associated with logistics and installation are drastically reduced.

Probably the most significant advantage we offer is the superior lifespan of up to 15-20 years using our Keramox® mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating applied to the anode surface. This can offer significant cost reductions over the lifetime of a structure, particularly essential on offshore structures for oil & gas and renewable wind power alike.

To those still relying on SAS across any marine applications, it’s time to consider the comprehensive benefits offered by ICCP systems. To learn more about our Optima® Anodes with Keramox coatings, contact sales@magneto.nl.

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