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Five Things You Didn't Know

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems are the future of corrosion protection. They are a superior alternative to traditional sacrificial anode systems (SAS) which offer increased protection and a wide range of additional benefits to support the environment and increase operational and cost efficiency. To explain more, Abhishek Roy, Sales Manager EMEA at Evoqua Water Technologies, shares his top five ICCP facts.

ICCP Systems are Surprisingly Lightweight

One of the great benefits of using ICCP systems over traditional SAS is that they are significantly lighter. In fact, Evoqua’s Magneto Keramox® mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes can be up to 20 times lighter! This has a positive impact on transport and storage costs as well as ease of installation.

Remote Monitoring is Possible with ICCP Systems

The current through ICCP systems can be continuously and remotely monitored. It can also be automatically regulated by the ICCP system itself, optimizing its use further. Knowledge is power, so having a system that automatically collects data, which can be analyzed and used to adjust performance and save engineering time, is incredibly powerful.

ICCP Systems are the More Sustainable Choice

Protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future has never been more of a priority across industries worldwide and ICCP systems support this. Unlike sacrificial anodes, ICCP systems operate without material loss, stopping the release of impurities into the environment.

Lifetime System Costs are Lower with ICC

As well as the reduced transport, storage, and installation costs already mentioned, along with the benefits of remote monitoring, ICCP systems have a longer lifespan than traditional anodes. While sacrificial anodes have a lifespan of approximately five years, some ICCP systems offer corrosion protection for up to 15-20 years. This huge advance in service life means operators realize significant savings in terms of maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the structure or system. Furthermore, due to their superior corrosion protection performance, with ICCP you need fewer anodes to achieve the same outcome as with SAS, representing a further cost saving.

ICCP System Design can be Bespoke to an Organization

One size certainly doesn’t fit all, so with our Magneto Keramox® anodes we have flexibility in anode design. We work in partnership with businesses to create bespoke anode designs to meet specific applications. This enables us to optimize performance to meet operational needs better, increase efficiency, and manage costs.

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