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Monitoring & Control for Industrial Applications

For maximum process efficiency

Water is a vital process and product component across a wide range of industrial applications, from food and beverage and aquaculture to the microelectronics sector. With high efficiency and safety critical to the success of manufacturing operations, the quality of this water is a top priority. The right advanced water quality monitoring and control solution is therefore essential for operational performance, managing costs, minimizing downtime and ensuring industrial processes operate at maximum output. 


Alongside unrivaled operational performance, greater process monitoring, and control of water treatment means more accuracy with dosing, which can save operators significantly when it comes to spend on chemicals for disinfection. This accuracy also provides confidence in measurement, enhancing safety levels. 

Many industrial sites have separate control systems for each individual water treatment system. With time and financial margins tight, operators need a versatile analysis and management system that brings together all water treatment systems, even across multiple sites, in one control platform. This needs to be a platform with enhanced digital, security and connected capabilities, that will continue to evolve as the manufacturing site does.  

Today, our new generation of innovative analyzers and controllers is transforming the measurement and control of water treatment for industrial operators worldwide, delivering unrivaled performance, with results that will make a difference to business today and tomorrow.  

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